Vlog Tip: Luck (March Theme - Holly Schindler)

I've been having a blast doing vlog writing tips at my own author blog; this month's theme on luck inspired me to do a vlog on that very subject...Jake and I even got dressed up in our lucky green ensembles to film it! (Jake, as you can tell by the vid, has heard all of my tips before. I don't impress him at all.)

I generally believe that nothing really wonderful ever just lands in our laps. As I explain in the video, it's easy to think that snagging a book deal is like winning the lottery; at times, when you're chasing that first deal, it feels completely elusive, and left to chance. But really, it's the result of hard work, and focusing on those things in your career that you control:


  1. It's hard to remember that there are things out of our control! Good point.


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