My Writing Wish List ... December Theme from Jody Feldman

We’re talking blue-sky writing wish list here, and I have just one item: Two all-expenses paid weeks in a luxury beach resort villa, the kind with a couple bedrooms, living area and small kitchen. It doesn’t need to be that extravagant (though above would be nice). I would love to settle in and write, no cares in the world.

But therein lies the catch. My corollary wish would need to include:
A. No cares in the world which, itself, includes but is not limited to ...
1. No responsibilities except to myself and my writing
2. No funky germs to throw me off my game
3. Perfect weather; though rain for an hour or so a day is fine, even welcome
4. Everyone in my life, healthy and happy

And that would also mean:
B. My family would be there (a person gets lonely by herself) with the following rules ...
1. They are to disappear between 8:00am and 3:00pm
2. They are to be totally self-sufficient
3. They are not to ask me about my work
4. But I can bounce ideas off them if I’m so inclined
C. I have all the writing tools I need including ...
1. My thesaurus, my baby name book, colored gel pens, 17"x11" sheets of paper, desktop computer, Internet access
2. Good ideas
3. A readiness to roll

And yeah. That’s not happening. But truly, all I need is A.4. The rest is icing. I wish you all A.4. now and in the coming year. Happy holidays.


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