December Theme: The Gift of the Book Machine?

A few months ago the bloggers of 'Smack Dab in the Middle' played around with the topic of Digital Books and the Future... (or something like that). Yesterday, I came across this blog (posted below). It contained some interesting thoughts on the future of books...

And it also contained this video...

Could this be the future for those of us who still desire a physical book?

Future Mom- When I was your age we used to go to a place called a book store. It was filled with endless rows of books on shelves. We would walk around for hours just looking at them...

Future Son- You mean you didn't have e-books or Book Machines? And why would you walk around? Didn't you have robo scooters back then?

This has been a lazy post by somebody who is very behind on his current deadline.

Mike 'Not a Book Machine' Townsend


  1. Looking forward to those robo scooters! And sending you some fabulous writing vibes, Mike!


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