December Theme: CHRISTMAS LIST FOR WRITERS (Irene Latham)

Dear Santa,
I don't want a lot for Christmas -- there's not a thing I really need. But I do like to dream. And I do like to make lists, same as you. So here are a few things the dreaming writer in me would really appreciate this year:

1.      an e-reader. Because there are books ONLY AVAILABLE electronically. So it’s beyond desire now. It’s a necessity.

2.      EVERY THING ON IT by Shel Silverstein. There are some books I simply must hold. This is one of them.

3.      a “Life is Good” sticker for my van. Because it helps to remember that on those inevitable Black Cloud Days.

4.      a pocket projector. Have you seen these things? With all the school visits I do, wouldn’t this save so much hassle? I could just bring my own! I love the idea of self-sufficiency…. and it would allow me to present powerpoint in all sorts of situations I have not been able to in the past.
C     Courage. Sorry, Santa. I know you hate it when you get a kid like me on your lap. But it’s what I want MORE THAN ANYTHING.  Courage to write the book I know I need to write. I keep starting and stopping, and starting and stopping… I want to finish.

6.     Patience. And Impatience. That’s right. Now you’re seeing how high-maintenance I really am. It’s just, this writing life is HARD. And unpredictable. And sometimes the roller coaster really does make me woozy. Which is why I want to start a Prayer for Waiting, in the vein of the Serenity Prayer:

      Grant me the patience
    to wait with grace,
    the impatience to ACT
    when it’s called for,
    and the wisdom to know the difference.

7.     Grace. You may remember that I have a new book coming in 2012. Soon I will be plunged into that Neverland of Criticism: reviews! interviews! questions! about the controversial issues in my book, i.e. animals in captivity vs. animal rights, homeschooling vs. traditional schooling. I’ll need help navigating those tidal waters.

8.      a nice supply of Ghirardelli 60% cacao chocolate chips, a.k.a Creativity Fuel.

9.      one of those souped-up treadmills for writers. Because I totally write better when I’m moving. Also, see above item.

       notecards. Yep, thought I’d close with something easy. I've just run out of these Gee's Bend quilt cards and would love a new batch to use them to write hellos and how-are-yous and thank-yous. (Really, is there anything better than a handwritten note?)


Irene Latham


  1. Oh, woah! I want one of those tread mills! How cool is that? I think you should get most of these.


  2. I agree. A Kindle Fire better be in my stocking!

  3. I have all I want... good friends, loving husband ... well most of the time... perfect children and grandchildren .... okay I need hip boots because it's getting deep in here...

  4. I wouldn't worry too much about the books only available in e formats. There is frequently a reason why no trees have died for these books!


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