December Theme: The Gift I Most Want (Alan Gratz)

TIME. That is the gift I most want.

More time to write, more time to read, more time with my family.

The answer to this problem is very simple: don't sleep anymore.

We spend a third of our lives asleep! Think of all that time we're wasting. If I had that time to write, I could spend the rest of my day reading and hanging out with my family. But of course our bodies need sleep.

The answer to THAT problem is also very simple: I need a dolphin brain.

Dolphins have to be awake to breathe, so they never go fully to sleep. To compensate, one half of a dolphin's brain sleeps while the other half remains awake. Genius!

So I guess the gift I really want this holiday season is the brain of a dolphin.


  1. I had no idea dolphins could do this! Okay, now I WANT a dolphin brain, too...

  2. I think only a dolphin could think of a solution that brilliant... So maybe you already have one??

  3. Ha! I wonder how functional the half of the brain that's awake is while the other half is asleep. I mean, can it do other stuff besides breathing? If not, then it's possible I already have a dolphin brain. Because there are lots of times where I'm technically awake, but incapable of all except the most basic functions. (Mondays, mostly.)

  4. What an interesting thought. Had no idea about the dolphin brain.


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