Who's to Say?

Coincidence? Perfect timing? Confirmation bias?
Think of it as you will.
Here’s what happened...
Just now, just before I opened the file to start thinking about what I’d write this month, I looked at June’s theme: CONNECTIONS. 


Only hours ago, I polished my pitchline for a new MG in process. At the very end, I added:
Ultimately, this is a story of our interconnectedness in this universe.

 So what, you might be saying. I don’t get it.

To me, having labored over a theme line during my pre-writing and writing processes, having tossed out a list of themes and finally feeling, uh, okay with this one, I like to believe, just maybe, this is the universe’s way of telling me to go with it.

It’s like the other evening. I’d just edited a scene with a yellow swallowtail butterfly and was taking a random walk down the street. A flash. I looked up. A yellow swallowtail butterfly had alit in this tree. A sign! 

See it? It’s there.
But what made me look up at that particular moment?

Ridiculous? Perhaps.
A case of confirmation bias? Very possibly.

But I like to think of such occurrences, especially, when it comes to my writing, as a wink from the universe. You go, girl! Good decision!

If it’s not? Nothing wrong with getting a warm glow anyway.


Glowing from her home in St. Louis, Missouri, Jody Feldman is spending the summer working on all the connections in her book. Come fall, though, she hopes to be even more busy with author visits. Connect with her -- jody@jodyfeldman.com -- if you might want your elementary, middle, or high school on her schedule.


  1. Love those serendipitous moments. I'm with you on this Jody.

  2. I do this EXACT SAME THING. I wrote a scene a few years back with a pickle jar, and was insanely happy to find a broken jar of pickles in the street outside of my house. :)

    1. Pickles! Then there was the time I found two brown banana peels, half a mile apart on the same sidewalk, when I was about to NOT write the banana story.


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