Writing for the young or old :)

In my opinion, growing as a writer whether you are a student or an adult has some similarities.   I feel like to grow and change as a writer you must practice your craft.  Writing can be a challenge, everything from coming up with the ideas to the execution of getting it on paper can be tedious for some students.  I think scaffolding the process of writing can be beneficial for struggling or reluctant students.  Starting with complete sentences that are on topic, moving to paragraphs, and then to multi paragraph writing pieces can help gain confidence in young writers.  As an adult, though writing is not my profession, I do believe the more I have practiced the skill for various reasons the more confident I have become.  In both cases, student or adult, I think being given the freedom to write about things you are passionate about is another way to motivate and gain successful writers. Let the writing practice begin!

Jennifer Mitchell 3rd grade teacher in the Kansas City area