Growin' (Holly Schindler)

I've been a rotten poster lately. On TikTok and IG, my blog. Around Christmas, I was sure to update once a day, cross-posting my short book videos to multiple platforms. 

This new year, I've decided to make artwork a priority. I'm learning graphic design and hand lettering and the ins and outs of surface patterns. I'll be diving into font creation this summer. So my online life's gotten a bit...spotty.

But it's reaped all sorts of rewards. 

I wanted to hit the art stuff in order to add new dimensions to book design. What it's done is add dimension to the writing itself. 

I never anticipated that it would. But there's something about using different creative muscles. It gives you a fresh perspective. It helps you problem-solve when you write yourself into a corner. It's not just a fresh breath, time away from a project. It's something else. A way to see your writing in a new light. 

My tip to keep growing? Grow outside of writing. Not just in a live-your-life way. That's important too. But grow in an artistic way, outside of writing. You'll be surprised by how it helps your literary work.


Holly Schindler is an award-winning author of books for readers of all ages. "Spooklight," her short story for young readers, will be included in Henry Holt's forthcoming Haunted States of America.


  1. A very important reminder, to grow outside of writing. I tend to enjoy my gardening, but I have to admit, I've not seen any connections between writing and gardening. What an intriguing idea. I'll think on it more, to be sure.


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