This? A Writing Tool?

 by Jody Feldman

Good morning! It’s 8:15.
I’ve worked out, showered, dressed, and now it’s time to write. Just one hand of Solitaire to warm up. 

And let’s throw in a game of Spider Solitaire. Free Cell? Sure. A simple round of Hearts. Why not? And Snood. I can’t leave you out. 

That’s better. Three, two, one... write! 

Look at me go! Great sentence. Fine paragraph. On to the— 

Wait. It’s lunchtime already? Let’s see. I’ve written all of...

78 words. 


That was then. After too many days of warming up, I adopted a mantra:
None before noon.
That meant no games until I’d put in the work during what’s typically my most productive time of day. And I’ve stuck with that for too many years to remember.

What used to be my barricade is now my carrot or, better, my cupcake dangling in front of me as an incentive to put in the thought, the time, the effort to get some great sentences and fine paragraphs—multiple, multiple ones—from my mind to the page. 

So, while I have drawers full of fun office supplies, it may be the games that have turned into my favorite and most effective writing tools. That includes you, Wordle. And you, Quordle. 

Jody Feldman, author of The Gollywhopper Games and the soon-to-be released YA thriller, No Way Home, is always looking for new, games to distract her...after noon. Suggestions welcome!


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