CLARICE THE BRAVE: An amazing MG story of Friendship and Courage

 I recently read a wonderful story I wanted to share this month on Smack Dab. CLARICE THE BRAVE by Lisa McMann was on my to-read list for awhile and I finally found a copy at my local library. I am so glad I read it. It has been one of the most uplifting and unique stories I've read in a long while.

Here is the blurb from the book: 

Clarice is a young ship mouse grieving the loss of her mother when a mutiny forces her onto a small, leaky boat with a dangerous cat. Worse, she is separated from her younger brother, Charles Sebastian, who is trapped aboard the great ship.
Clarice and Charles Sebastian were taught to always be careful—but they will need to grow bold if they are to survive . . . and find one another again.




 Here is my review: " A heart-felt and harrowing adventure on the high-seas told from the POV of a mouse named Clarice. When a mutiny occurs on the ship - the only home Clarice has ever known - she gets separated from her brother Charles Sebastian and ends up on another boat with Special Lady - the cat who ate her sister. Desperate times force Clarice to do things she never imagined, including putting her trust in her sworn enemy. The fully rendered non-human characters help readers sympathize with the dangers faced, and relate to all the emotional highs and lows they experience as humans. We can learn a lot from these tiny creatures.
A tender and emotional journey of love, friendship, and learning to trust yourself. Highly recommended."

Darlene Beck Jacobson loves adventure but has never had one on the high seas. She writes her stories from her home in NJ where rabbits and squirrels roam the backyard.