10 Ways to Look at Something Called “Slump"

 by Jody Feldman

10. I’m a fraud, a phony. I would have been happier without a taste of success. Drat that dumb luck.

9. A slump is nature’s way of telling you to stop.

8. This is terrible. This is awful. How did I get here? Where did I lose my mojo?

7. Someone, break me out of this!!!

6. At least I’m in the running for the Guinness Book of Records, Most Drastic Slump.

5. Maybe I just need a vacation.

4. Slump? What’s that? I’m just recharging my batteries.

3. I did something good before, so maybe I can to do something good again. Right?

2. Hey, Slump! You’re not the boss of me.

1. I don’t believe in slumps.

Middle grade and YA author Jody Feldman may not have had a book come out between 2015 and 2022 (those pictured above), but she’s a firm believer in Point #2. During these years—especially the height of Covid—she’s been writing her tail off, and is about to re-emerge big-time, she says, optimistically.


  1. I can relate. Thanks for the list. Keep on writing. It's all we can control in this crazing publishing world.


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