Battling Reading Slumps :) By: Jennifer Mitchell

For me reading slumps are very real. When I find a book I like I usually can’t put it down, but when I finish it I struggle at times to get the same energy finding a new book.  When I was growing up I don’t think my teachers ever gave students “permission” to abandon books, so that meant once you picked it you struggled through until the end.  So at times as an adult I revert back to that habit, and that slows my reading down.  As a teacher, I try to impress upon my students that there are so many book choices that you should only stick with a book if it is something you are excited to pick up.

Even though reading at school wasn’t always riveting, I was lucky enough to have a mom that took me to the library frequently and relatives that would give me books as presents, and that truly was a gift!  One of my favorite book series growing up was Anne of Green Gables, and that was gifted to me on one of my birthdays.  I spent the summer with my head stuck in the books living in Avonlea. That was not a series I would have probably ever tried had it not been given to me . As a teacher, I really try to read a variety of books for read- aloud so that hopefully one of the genres I pick excites a kid enough to want to read more on their own

As an adult when I am in a slump I try to use my circle of friends who read frequently for suggestions.  I also like to use Goodreads when I am trying to find new things too.  I have found, to change things up, that I like to read children’s books in the summer so that I can bring new books to light for my students in the fall.  I am also lucky enough to still get books as gifts, my daughter has started giving me books for occasions, and I love being gifted books that I might not have researched and picked out on my own.  Finally, you can never underestimate the power of taking a stroll through your local library, I always come out with more books than I can possibly read.  There is just something about picking up books and reading about them that gets me excited to read!

My latest summer read :)

Jennifer Mitchell 2nd/ 3rd grade lopping teacher in the Kansas City area :)


  1. When I'm in a reading slump, I turn to the list of books my friends or daughters have recommended. Or find something new by an author I've enjoyed in the past. Usually something short so I'm not intimidated!

  2. I love children's books. Short, sweet, and imaginative. You can't go wrong.


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