Friday, March 4, 2022

A Time For Us...

 By Charlotte Bennardo

As the song from Romeo and Juliet goes: A time for us, some day will be...

A time to do what I want- like a SNOW DAY! 

Photo by Kristin Vogt from Pexels

I have a select group of things I love to do on a snow day. When my kids were younger, it included making snowmen, sledding down a hill, then coming in, wet and cold for hot chocolate and a movie. Then there would be baking together as a family. Keeping the boys busy and out of trouble was the main focus of the day.

Now the kids are grown and doing their own things. Instead of playing in the snow, I take a walk, listening to the susurration of the snow falling (I'm excited I got to use that word!), snuggling on the couch with the cat, a good book, and tea, and then later baking something with whomever is awake and willing.  Now the time is more personal and I do what I want. I usually have several ideas and manuscripts that need working on so I don't lack for things to do, although that time may be challenged again because my husband retired and it always seems to us writers that just as you're sitting down to bang out hundreds or thousands of words, someone wants your attention. 

While I love the new softer routine of a snow day, I'm hoping there are no more this year. With warmer weather, although I have more chores like taking care of my gardens, washing winter off the patio furniture and the windows (I've got a LOT of windows), and such, everyone is so glad for the warm weather they go off and do warm weather things leaving me at home alone. Ahhh, golden time for a writer. I sit on my patio and write. I can draft a whole novel from start to finish in just over a month.  Snow day or sun day, as an author, I sneak in writing no matter what. The other things, like enjoying the comfort of my home or my backyard, are shared between what I want and what the family wants. 

So if a snow day comes, I'll enjoy it (especially since I don't have to shovel it!). Hope you enjoy yours!

Charlotte writes MG, YA, NA, and adult novels in sci fi, fantasy, contemporary, and paranormal genres. She is the author of the middle grade Evolution Revolution trilogy, Simple Machines, Simple Plans, and Simple Lessons. She co-authored the YA novels Blonde OPS, Sirenz, and Sirenz Back in Fashion. She has two short stories in the Beware the Little White Rabbit (Alice through the Wormhole) and Scare Me to Sleep (Faces in the Wood) anthologies. Currently she is working on several novels for both children and adults. She lives in NJ with her family, two demanding cats, and a crazy squirrel couple who just moved into her backyard oak tree.

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  1. We've been doing quite a bit of shoveling here. Love the description of softer snow days.