The Writing Life Is Full of Surprises

Surprises, for writers, are just part of the business. One minute you're certain you'll never come up with another good plot idea, and then, surprise! An idea hits you and you can't wait to get started. 

Or you're certain that your book proposal or manuscript will get a lot of interest from publishers, only to learn that...surprise! Nobody wants it.

Or you think nobody will show up for your book signing, and then...surprise! There's a line around the corner!

But perhaps my favorite surprises come from thoughtful readers. Just the other day, I got this message from a mom:

My 9-year-old daughter was just gifted the Aleca Zamm series. She INHALED them. Didn't budge from the couch until she had read all 4. She's hooked! 

I'm sure this mom had plenty of other things to do besides making my day, but she took the time to do it anyway. What a lovely surprise! 

Ginger Rue is the author of the Aleca Zamm series from Aladdin and the Tig Ripley series from Sleeping Bear.