Happy Surprises Caronavirus Style

 Many of us have been through the excitement of having a new book released this past spring and summer. And many of us have paired that excitement with the disappointment of having to cancel in person launch events and book promotion activities. We did it all online instead and it was fine. A bit underwhelming, but we survived. 

So, it was a special treat to have an outdoor socially-distanced book signing...two in fact...that friends and family members were excited to attend. Reading aloud from WISHES, DARES, AND HOW TO STAND UP TO A BULLY, in a park picnic grove, with everyone spaced apart on picnic tables and folding chairs, or standing, was special. 

Books are meant to be shared with an audience of appreciative potential readers. The park setting hearkened back to days of old when story tellers gathered around the campfire and regaled those in attendance with their folktales, yarns, and stories meant to be passed on.

Instead of a campfire, nature provided the heat. But there was enthusiasm, appreciation, and gratitude for such a small thing to make the day a happy surprise. A family with two children who hadn't been formally invited, stayed to listen. People applauded, pleasantries and kind words were exchanged, treats handed out and books signed. It was a welcome relief to be outside sharing my story for others to pass on.   

Have a book coming out this fall? Don't despair, go to the nearest picnic grove and read to those assembled. It's why we write in the first place, isn't it?


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