What I Believe by Norma Fox Mazer

For poetry month, I thought I'd highlight one of my all-time favorite books - What I Believe by Norma Fox Mazer.
What I Believe is the story of a girl named Vicki whose father loses his job. As a result, her family's life changes dramatically, and she finds herself having to handle a whole new set of circumstances. But when her jobless dad ends up finally walking out on the family, Vicki's situation takes an even more dramatic turn, and she is faced with a dilemma in which making the right choice seems nearly impossible.

I love this book because the voice of each character is so authentic, and the story itself holds conflict and tension that is, on the surface, very simple; and yet, on an emotional level, deeply layered and heartfelt.

The reason I'm highlighting What I Believe this month in my post is because the entire story is told through poetry. Mazer's use of this device to tell this story is absolutely amazing! With very few words, arranged in such a creative way, she cuts to the heart of Vicki's story, and readers are treated to a front row seat. In one word, it's remarkable. In my opinion, the book is a perfect example of the power of poetry.

Happy April!
Happy Poetry Month!
Happy Reading & Writing!
Nancy J. Cavanaugh


  1. Nothing like an authentic voice to pull you into the story!


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