Poetry and Pandemic

by Charlotte Bennardo

As our blog indicates, we're supposed to be celebrating National Poetry Month. But... we're all preoccupied with the pandemic of Covid-19. Actually, these two situations pair well:

You could read books of poetry while waiting out the pandemic. It would pass the time and maybe you'll discover new poets whose work you love.

Or, you could write your own poetry, which may help you sort emotions and release some stress.

In my house, we chose to do the later: poetry on our refrigerator. Anyone passing by can mix and match little magnetic words.

I'm sure reading the above has you thinking, "that sounds kind of insulting..." (It says: When women have ideas the sky screams, the world collapses, the sea burns) Yep. In a house of all males, everything turns into an insult or playful dig. It's the only way my sons will enjoy poetry- by making it a funny insult. I'm good with that, because I can give as good as I get:

(Women can no longer love men when their words [are] not poetry).

We've been going back and forth, but there are not enough nouns, adjectives, and verbs (and I don't care what ANYONE says, adverbs are necessary). So, after two weeks, the boys lost interest.

But maybe if I made up more words, wrote them on cut up index cards and used double-sided tape or glue to affix them onto those magnets from dentists, lawn care & other companies that are probably sitting in a junk drawer, instead of simple sentences, I might have enough words to do stanzas or even epics in verse. The words simple enough to make, or you can order magnetic poetry tiles and get the family involved. Who doesn't love a good insult? (and it's writing made fun!)

Hoping you all are well and stay well-



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