Book Love in the Time of Caronavirus...

Apologies for the take on LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA...but  I am going to be sharing things that we are all sharing these days as we've taken our book promotion indoors.

 Love in the Time of Cholera

My newest book WISHES, DARES, AND HOW TO STAND UP TO A BULLY debuted on April 7, 2020 and since I couldn't have the traditional birthday launch, here are a few things I've been doing to get the word out:

1. Blog tour that began in late March and will end in late April.

2. Made a nine minute video for a classroom teacher to share with her students online. It was for a classroom of 4th graders that was supposed to host a launch event this month.

3. shared posts on FB, Twitter and social media.

4. Will be doing a podcast next week.

5. Hosted several give-aways for the book.

6. Shared curriculum Guides and teacher materials, lessons and workshops on the SCBWI website for teachers to use in virtual classrooms.

7. Participated in the #AuthorsTakeAction movement on social media.

  As to whether any of it will make a difference in terms of exposure or sales is beside the point. Being able to connect with others during this unprecedented time is really the goal.

Being able to share the good news and show "BOOK LOVE" TO other author friends is equally important. While we're "sheltering in place" we can still support one another and the KidLit community by:

1. Reading and sharing good books on our social media sites.
2. Writing and posting reviews for our favorite author's books. 
3. Keeping in touch with author friends and the "family" we have in this community called Children's Literature.

May you all stay safe, be well, and enjoy the wonderful world we are privileged to be a part of. #ALONETOGETHER.


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