Hot Dog...Hot Cat Month? Popular Cat Titles in Literature

Hot Dog...Hot Cat Month? Popular Cat Titles in Literature

Upon noticing this month's options for topics for our blog, I couldn't help but entertain the opposite of "Hot Dog Month." As a writer from the point of view of a cat, I couldn't help but grab onto the play on words. 

Also, I'm a cat person. 

So, here are some popular titles of favorite "hot" cats in literature to revisit or discover for the first time for the rest of your summer reading list. 

1) The Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss: Always a classic, Dr. Seuss delivers yet another fun and light quick read for kids (and kids at heart). Written during the 1950s, Dr. Seuss engaged a huge generation of young readers as well as their children and grandchildren who would pass along the tradition of reading these books to the young. The Cat in the Hat is the original curious cat into everything!

2) Dewey The Small-Town Library Cat by Vicki Myron and Bret Witter: Dewey was shared with me when my grandmother passed along this book to me. As a dedicated cat-rescuer and believer adopt-don't-shop, I was entranced by this tale of one cat - dropped off by another - who worked his way into hearts of so many librarians, patrons and eventually all his readers. It's a victory story for any stray cat, and shows the power of humanity and love for creatures who need a helping hand (or paw). 

3) James Herriot Cats by James Herriot: Growing up, at two different points in my life, both my mother and my father would gift me this book of short cat stories. I always found it that touching that they both knew me so well. James Herriot was someone we would watch on PBS with his variety of animals, kittens and cats being no exception. Herriot is a hero to many animals, and a celebrated vet that brought so many great stories to pet fanciers around the world. 

4) The Cat Who Mystery books by Lillian Jackson Braun: A series of twenty-nine mystery novels, it's hard not to be drawn into the world of a reporter and his two Siamese cats, who manage to solve a horde of difficult and story-worthy cases in their time together. An unlikely mystery-solving bunch, the novels are cozy yet entertaining reads any time of the year.

5) The Chuck Book by Cody VandeZande: A stunningly illustrated, ABC-style Children’s storybook about Instagram feline phenom, Chuck the Duck!’s human, Cody, is one of my favorite fellow cat writers. Clever and creative, this one belongs on every shelf, of every age reader. 

6) The Great Cat Nap by AM Bostwick: I'd be remiss not to mention my own literary cat, Ace, in my current two-part series of middle grade mysteries. Ace is a reluctant detective, working out of a newspaper office with his feline and canine friends (I’m a dog person, too), solving crimes and righting wrongs. He's smart-talking and often in over his tail, but hopefully always keeps readers on their toes (and paws). 

Happy reading! =^^=


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