Having Fun with Your Niche by Claudia Mills

I have always declared that I HATE MARKETING. I whined and complained about the need for writers (nowadays) to market their books, when once upon a time, we weren't expected to do this, it was enough for us just to write the best book we could and leave the rest to ... well, to someone else.

But now I've decided that whining and complaining isn't the best strategy for selling books. Or for living one's life generally.

The best strategy for selling books, and for living life, is to have FUN doing it. And analyzing your book to find its niche in the market can point you to all kinds of way to make marketing FUN.

My newest book, Nixie Ness, Cooking Star, is set in an after-school cooking camp.
So what fun cooking-themed ideas could I come up with to celebrate my book?

In line with my general aversion to marketing and desire to grouse incessantly about it, I had mocked authors who wear costumes. How silly of me! Because costumes are . . . fun! So here I am at the book launch for Nixie at Denver's delightful indie children's bookstore, Second Star to the Right, looking a bit sheepish but jolly, too.
As I tested recipes for inclusion in the book, I made sure to take photos, particularly cherishing photos of my failures. Here are my failed dog biscuits.
Even a dog wouldn't eat those! Well, my dog would. But they are definitely unappetizing.

Here are the vastly improved dog biscuits.

So: as you work on your book, take photos of anything you do along the way that connects with the setting, theme, or activities of the story. You will be glad later!

And if you can come up with a fitting costume, go for it!

Why not make marketing just plain FUN?


  1. Thank you for sharing this. What a fantastic (and delicious) way to prep for marketing your book!I will be doing this for my next one!

  2. Love this Claudia. My first book Wheels of Change had recipes in the back that I made and brought to book signings and classroom visits. They were always a hit.

    1. Ooh! What a good idea to bring those treats to classroom visits!

  3. This is fantastic! You're right--it SHOULD be fun!

    1. I'm trying my best to make EVERYTHING in my life fun!


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