So You Wanna Be a Writer

Eights tips for beginning writers:

1.  Start with a Dream.

2.  Immerse Yourself in the Genre You Want to Write.

3.  Feed Your Creative Soul.

4.  Mine Your Memory.
(My elementary school)

5.  Learn From Experts.

6.  Make Some Writer Friends & Start a Critique Group.

7.  Learn to Love Revision.

8.  Never Give Up.

Happy Reading & Writing!


  1. That's so true - add then add some perseverance,patience, and practice. When I started out, one of my goals was to get published. I have been published - I wrote a column for kids in a regional magazine for 8 years (16,000 readers) and had a MG published by a small publisher. But getting published by a well-known publisher has not yet been achieved. So I keep writing and revising (which I love to do!.

  2. Fun and succinct, and great advice!


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