The Doll's Eye: MG Horror at it's Best.

An author friend of mine -  Marina Cohen - who writes' MG horror, has recently come out with the perfect summer read for 'tweens: THE DOLL'S EYE.

The Doll’s Eye tells the story of 12 year-old Hadley who, after moving in to a big old house with her new stepfather and stepbrother, finds herself lamenting the loss of her old life. When a lone glass eye rolls out from a dark corner underneath her bed, things begin to change, though not necessarily for the better. A second narrative weaves its way through the novel—that of the first girl who lived in the house and the evil she unwittingly unleashed. It’s a tale of wish fulfillment and consequence, of innocence and happiness.  School library journal called it “a must have for horror fans.”

If your kids like spine-tingling creepy tales, they'll definitely enjoy this one.


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