Wednesday, June 14, 2017


I'm fascinated by graphic novels. I love that they bring reluctant readers into the book world, and they truly are (as I once heard them described) movies you can hold in your hand.

5 WORLDS: THE SAND WARRIOR is beautiful. Utterly. You really do feel, looking at the pages, that you're deep in a movie (rather than looking at flat, static pictures on the page).

The book also offers a fast-paced sci-fi/fantasy story that I believe would have the opposite impact most graphic novels usually have: I believe this book would bring readers of non-illustrated novels to graphic novels.

What a great discussion that would be--to group some reluctant readers in with young book lovers to talk about this book. The more reluctant readers would pick up some great book appreciation vocabulary from the more voracious readers, and book-loving kids would perhaps even find new, more visual approaches to reading traditional novels as well.

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