Storming the Brain --- by Jane Kelley

As I sat down to write this blog, I thought now would be a great time for a new idea. A brainstorm about brainstorms?

But I didn't have any.

I tried my "tricks."

I looked the word up in the dictionary. (Did you know one meaning of brainstorm is harebrained?)
I googled the word. (Gee, lots of companies have brainstorm in their name.)
I did an image search. (Wow, neurons are gorgeous.)

I tried my "treats."

I drank coffee. I ate cookies. I drank more coffee.

Nothing helped.

I wondered, should I go for a walk? Look at some pictures of dendrites? Have another cookie?

I had had an idea yesterday. Something about lightning? It was brilliant---until I started to write it down. Then it seemed harebrained.

How could I be so critical of how rabbits think? At least a rabbit knows how to find food, shelter, and a mate. I didn't know anything. And yet....if I know nothing, then I must have questions.

Yes. Questions! What if a rabbit's mother was killed by a fox? What if the rabbit was frightened of everything? What if the rabbit refused to go with his friends to find food? What if he dug a very deep hole? What if the hole led to another hole with little kits? What if the rabbit thought they were baby rabbits? What if the rabbit discovered that the kits were actually the babies of the fox who killed the rabbit's mother? What would the rabbit do? Smother the babies? Run from the fox again? Or keep his friends?

Ahhhh! I found a storm in my brain.


  1. "What if" is such a good question, isn't it? Hooray for persistence!

  2. I agree--"What if..." gets a writer out of all sorts of jams.

  3. I love how you showed us the frustrations and unexpected joys of being so intensely inside the writing process.


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