Step Into Your Character's Shoes: April Theme by Naomi Kinsman

We think differently in motion than we do when we're sitting in our chairs, staring at our computer screens. This video is a 9-ish minute exercise that will take you through a movement sequence to explore three characters. To complete this exercise, all you'll need is a room with a little room for movement. Don't worry too much about being able to see me on video while you move. I'm just talking to the camera to give you the instructions you need.

Who might this brainstorming exercise help? Anyone who:

  • Needs a warm-up before a writing session
  • Is ready to start a new story but hasn't settled on a character yet
  • Is in the messy middle of writing a story and needs a little creativity boost ... and possibly a new character to add into the mix
This exercise is the perfect physical and mental warm-up to filling out a character questionnaire. If you don't have one you love to use and would like one of mine, reach out and let me know over at

Here's to you and your creativity!


Naomi Kinsman is an author, educator and creativity coach. She is the author of the FROM SADIE'S SKETCHBOOK series and recently collaborated with singer, Natalie Grant on the GLIMMER GIRLS series. Naomi is also the founder and Executive Director or Society of Young Inklings, which offers classes, mentorships and publishing opportunities for young authors ages 6-16.  Society of Young Inklings utilizes WRITERLY PLAY, the improv-based teaching methodology that Naomi developed, as the foundation for all of its programming.


  1. I get some of my best ideas doing something physical--mowing, painting, etc.


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