Permissions and Gratitude by Darlene Beck Jacobson

I am grateful for all the permissions bestowed upon me in my life. As a child, my parents gave me permission to fail without fear of ridicule.  This allowed me to try again - a useful skill for a writer.
      Classroom teachers gave me permission to express myself in my own way - not the way everyone around me might have done.  By marching to my own drum I developed creativity and curiosity.  Both have served me well.
      As a parent I gave myself permission to enjoy childhood for a  second time, through the eyes of my children.  And, as a writer, I now have permission to rewrite pieces of my own childhood and call it fiction.
      Permission has come full circle for me recently.  Last month I received a congratulatory note from my publisher of WHEELS OF CHANGE telling me that the State of New York asked permission to publish an excerpt from the book for the Language Arts portion of their state test.
      A small bit of my story will be read for years to come in one small part of the country.
      I gave myself permission to celebrate.


  1. This is a nice look at permissions throughout your life, Darlene. Congratulations, on the honor of WHEELS OF CHANGE being included in New York's Language Arts state test! What an honor.


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