Permission (May Theme) by Bob Krech

Most of the time I've thought about permission and writing in light of how I've sometimes given myself permission to write about certain things, take chances, and perhaps fail. There have been people along the way in my writing life who have given me permission to do this as well. Like my parents. And my teachers. And my wife and kids. I've also had editors who have given me permission to go forward with a new idea or a change in a manuscript when they didn't completely see where it might be going or if it was indeed a good idea.

Today I am giving myself permission to put writing on hold for the next three days as I go down to North Carolina to see my daughter graduate from Guilford College, celebrate with her friends, family, and relatives, and then orchestrate the dreaded packing up of the apartment. The next stop for her is New York City and an internship at a small publisher and book packager. My little baby girl living and working in NYC?!

Yes.  I gave her my permission. Ha!


  1. Hooray! Have fun. And when you get back, you have my permission to write another SPORTS book. If you know anything about wrestling (and can keep it middle grade appropriate), all the better!

  2. Yes Bob...we think we give our grown children our permission...but they really allow us to think so and go their own way...which is as it should be. Enjoy this life passage!


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