A Writer's Take on a Moviemaker's Sentiment*

(Or One Day I MAY Learn, by Jody Feldman)

As someone who would love to take all the easy roads ...
As someone who continues to make the mistake of rushing the process ...
As someone who is still learning the art of taking stories to their highest levels ...
I need to have this quote engraved on the frame of my computer’s monitor:

"I know that if a film is ready to emerge out of what I write, I'll be able to go off and make it without asking anyone's permission."
    -- Francis Ford Coppola

*The sentiments in this post follow what my agent recently told me after reading a new manuscript, something I shouldn't have sent to her until a real book was ready to emerge.


  1. Wow, Jody...I know that feeling of wanting to get the book out and then realizing we should have waited.

  2. I fall prey to that nearly every time. You'd think I'd learn by now :)

  3. Hand up here, too. We put so much energy into those drafts that it's sometimes hard to believe they're not yet ready for an editor. Good luck with your edits, Jody.

  4. I have so been there! And we never EVER learn this to wait. I feel that I almost CAN'T learn it. I truly can never see if something is ready until someone else helps me see it - well, that it isn't. So I think it's okay that we send things out into the world prematurely. I think of letting the world be my partner in figuring all of this out.


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