No Computer or Wi-Fi Allowed By Ann Haywood Leal

Illustration by Mary Jo Scott
I dare you to steal it back.  

Right now.

It's still there.  You just have to close your eyes a little tighter, take a deep breath and remember.

Clear away some rocks, brush aside a few sticks and settle in.

Or find a good foothold and climb up to your favorite branch.  

You'll know when you've got it back.  

The words will spill onto your paper almost faster than your favorite pen can move.  

And you'll remember the time when the reviews were always favorable, because they were from your best friend and your mom and dad.

The publication date of your next book was dependent only on the supply of mini staples in your little red stapler. 

Try it.

Get back to that place where you wrote about whatever and whomever you wanted. 

Write the story that is deep down in your heart.

Exercise your writing freedom.  

Just brush the dirt and grass off your notebook paper and get going.    

No computer or wi-fi allowed.

Ready? Set? Go.


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