My Strange Freedom by Danette Vigilante

I gained freedom to write every single day when my youngest began college two years ago. No more alarm clocks, absent notes, and the ever dreaded morning rush. Three o’clock no longer meant anything to me.

With my freedom came a couple of revelations though, ones I’m not too proud to admit but not entirely ready to give up yet.

1. I am a lollygagger. Me, the person who always had school forms filled out on time. Me, who never once brought my kids to school late. Me, who always had dinner on the table at 6:30 pm. Me, the dedicated clock watcher.

Because time no longer plays a big part in my life, I've slowed down. This doesn't mean I’m tardy to the party (ha!), or that I don’t take appointments or work seriously, because I absolutely do. It simply means … well, let’s just say I stop to smell the flowers (a lot). It seems I work very well under pressure. How convenient, don’t you think?

2. So, the time thing again. I used to live my life between bookends. Dropping the kids off at school was the first bookend. I then did everything a mom and wife had to do to keep things running smoothly, plus find the time to write. Bookend number two was picking the kids up. Once that happened, my life stopped until the next day. Until that time, I was completely at my family’s disposal. It wasn't a bad thing by any means, I truly enjoyed it. I especially loved having my kids sit at the kitchen table doing homework while I cooked dinner, I think I might miss that the most. Nevertheless: Life Between Bookends.

3. This is the most surprising of all. I used to get more writing done when I was a clock watcher. What? So many flowers to smell!

I’m hoping the freedom thing is still a novelty to me and that I will retire my lollygagness someday soon. I toy with the idea of setting my alarm clock but then I get a hold of myself. I’m just not ready yet!


  1. Enjoy every last bit of that freedom!

  2. There's something to be said for "living in and enjoying the moment". Besides, who knows where inspiration can be found? Could be hiding out in one of those rose bushes!


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