Ferguson and Freedom

Like many people this summer, I've been watching the events in Ferguson, MO and at U.S. detention centers with more dismay and grief than I can properly express in a blog post.  But since this month's theme is on freedom, I'd like to try to say something coherent here.

When we talk about freedom, we often talk about the freedoms we receive--and less often about the freedom that we give.

The most basic freedom that we give others is recognizing and honoring the fact that they are human just as we are.  Even when they look different.  Even when they talk in a language we don't understand.  Even when their history is different than ours.  Even when they have beliefs that we don't share.  Even when we are uncertain around them, even when we feel intimidated, and even when we are scared.

And we owe this to everyone because just as we are the protagonists of our own life story, they are the protagonists of theirs--which means we don't get to treat them like throwaway characters or extras or red shirts.  We treat them like the people that they are, and we hope they treat us like people too.


  1. I'm a MO resident who watched the events of Ferguson on TV, Livestream, etc. Thanks for this post, Lizzie...

  2. I never thought of freedom as something I could grant to others, but you're right. Much to think about here.


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