Monthly Theme: Summertime Slump? Not for inspiration.

Stephanie J. Blake

It has to be said, I don't get a lot of writing done in the summer. I have three active boys and mine seems to be the favorite house on the block. All of the neighborhood kiddos tend to congregate in my backyard. My fridge is the one stocked with juice boxes and popsicles. The front door is always open, and my children's friends run in and out all day. Never mind using Windex on the fingerprints. Make sure there is plenty of toilet paper!

Talk about juicy writing material!

Summer has flown by. We had a garage sale.

Movie-watching on the back deck. S'mores by the fire pit. Oodles of fireworks. Swimming. Putt-putt. Baseball. My youngest went to Vacation Bible School. We went to the mountains for a baseball tournament.

Summertime is family time. You can really get to know your kids in the summer.

One of my boys has a girlfriend. He's 9! They talk on the phone. I pretend I'm busy, but I like to listen to his conversations. They say "I love you" every few sentences. He paces while he talks. Sometimes he goes into the garage if he thinks I'm listening. They had a fight every other day. She said she wants to see someone else. He's got lots of girl friends. They love our pool.

My 11-year old is a sports junkie. He's always got a baseball in his hand. Up and down it goes. Smacking the walls. No girl drama for him. He is worried however about starting middle school in a couple of weeks. He is going to ride the bus! And he thinks he is too short. He is a worrier.

My oldest loves to go thrifting. His favorite place is a Goodwill Outlet. This is the craziest place I've ever seen. All of the junk you can buy, priced by the pound. You should see some of the characters in the melee. We also go to the horse track together. That's a story for another time.

(All of this for $11.26.)

Best memory this summer? I attended a Journey/ Steve Miller Band concert. FUN!

Two more weeks of "summer" for us. Soon, the boys will be back to school. And I'm starting a part-time job. (This hoping to get published thing is maddeningly slow sometimes.)

All of my wonderful summer memories are tucked away in a notebook, waiting to be incorporated into a middle grade novel that I'm hoping to finish by December.


  1. Good luck with your p/t job and mg you will be starting work on. Sounds to me like that notebook will be full of awesome...oh my on your nine year old, lol. Enjoy rest of your summer!

  2. I can't WAIT to read this summer novel, Steph.

  3. Well this sounds like a double win -- lovely family time AND you've got some great material for that story! Congrats to your oldest on that thrifting haul -- nice work. Hope the new job goes well!


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