Beach Days - Summer Fun by Deborah Lytton

When I think of summer fun, I think of the beach.  Growing up in Southern California, the beach is the heart of all my summer memories.  I found my favorite seashell on the beach in San Diego when I was eight, learned to boogie board in the Pacific Ocean off of Malibu at twelve, and met my high school crush on the sand in Santa Monica.  The beach is so important to me that I have used it as a healing place in my MG novel, JANE IN BLOOM and in my upcoming YA release, SILENCE.  My daughters and I spend a lot of time at the beach year round.  But our favorite time to be at the beach is summer.  The feeling of my bare feet sinking into warm sand instantly welcomes me home while the cool touch of the sapphire water challenges me.  The expanse of beauty as far as the eye can see is a beacon of hope that opens my heart to possibilities.  We love to search for one-of-a-kind seashells and to splash in the waves.  We bring fun summer reading and sit under our umbrella sharing bags of grapes and strawberries.  But mostly, we love to stay until the sun is just about to melt into the horizon and spot dolphins.  Every time we see one, we feel like a wish has been granted and our day has been touched by magic.  Here are some photos of our favorite summer days at the beach. 


  1. I loved the image of finding your favorite seashell! I am missing the Southern CA beach now!

  2. My favorite beach moments include all of the above as well as finding bits of beach glass. I've collected dozens of specimens over the years with purple and turquoise pieces being the prize winners.


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