The Dilemma of Book Trailers by Deborah Lytton - April Theme

I am fascinated by book marketing--trailers, videos and the use of social media to reach readers.  I am mostly fascinated by it because I find it completely daunting.  To help myself navigate these turbulent waters, I have spent the last year enlisting fellow MG and YA authors who have been successful  in these endeavors to answer questions on my blog.  We have covered topics ranging from blogging to book trailers.  One thing I have learned from all of them--you must do what is authentic for you.  As writers, we draw inspiration from the world around us, but the words we write come from our hearts.  In order to market our work, we must also act from the heart.  If you are excited about making a visual representation of your book, then you should do it.  All the writers I know who have made book trailers have found the experience to be exciting and rewarding--and whether the trailers are made on a nonexistent budget or a larger one, the authors have a visual marketing tool for use on their websites and at school visits.  I did not make a traditional book trailer for JANE IN BLOOM, but instead filmed a question and answer segment about the book as a research tool for MG readers.  My brother-in-law is a documentary filmmaker, and I enlisted his help.  I wrote questions I thought readers might want to ask me, then my sister asked the questions off camera, and I answered them.  I wanted to make a personal connection with readers.  Recently, my 12 year old daughter made a book trailer for JANE IN BLOOM, and I love it so much I am going to put it on my blog.  Ultimately, the dilemma of book trailers can be solved by following your heart. 


  1. "you must do what is authentic for you"
    Yes yes and YES. Thank you for your wise words!

  2. I loved it when you said that the dilemma can be solved "by following your heart"--so true--it lifts the stress of them right away. Thanks for the post, Debby!


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