I enjoy adding video content to my blogs and website.  I don't travel extensively, and in lieu of face-to-face contact, I think it provides a level of interactivity, a way for my readers to see or know me in a way they wouldn't otherwise.  I like vlogs and readings quirky short clips.  I still do trailers, but only in an affordable way.  That is to say, I do them myself.  I believe my trailers, like any of my video content, should show what I believe is important about my book, why I wrote it.  A trailer should show the spirit of the book; that, I think, can only come from the person who wrote it. 

My first video for THE JUNCTION OF SUNSHINE AND LUCKY was 25 cents (for the rusted metal flower at a garage sale).  It's absolutely in keeping with Auggie's DIY spirit, I think:

My second video for THE JUNCTION involved some professional music and stock footage.  The grand total was a hundred dollars (a splurge for me), but it did generate some interest among teachers who have used it as a classroom read aloud:

My latest trailer is for my forthcoming YA, FERAL.  This one cost $3.00 (for the royalty-free song).  The footage of the woods is my own.


  1. Wow, I'm impressed! So you made these yourself?

  2. What a great post! Since I am beginning promotion and gathering of materials for the release of WHEELS OF CHANGE, it is really helpful to get multiple POV's about book trailers. Many editors say they don't sell books, but, they are fun to watch.

  3. Great job, Holly! Thanks for sharing these.

  4. Wonderful job, Holly! I loved all of them! --And can't wait to read FERAL!


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