Monthly Theme: Cranky No More (About Book Trailers, At Least) by Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich

Since I was initially cranky about the idea of book trailers, I was lucky to be able to work on mine with my best friend whose infinite gifts include an incredible ability to put up with my crankiness, and match it with his own.

I didn't do anything narrative about the book, more of a "this is kind of what I was thinking about and what I drew from to write this story" sort of thing. And I'm glad I did, because just recently I found this awesome reader-created trailer, which is the best!

I love the way that new digital tools can be used to do another thoughtful sort of "book report" or type of interpretive work that engages creativity and critical thinking skills. And how can I be cranky about something like this wonderful trailer created for OPEN MIC, an anthology edited by the wonderful Mitali Perkins that included my memoir, "Confessions of a Black Geek."  Go check it out NOW. Seriously. You can come back after. Just bring cake.

And while you're at it, check out all of the reader-created book trailers created by participants in a program co-sponsored by the Madison Public Library. This is goodness.

I'm not cranky about trailers anymore!


  1. Awesome trailers!'s enough to take the cranky out of any writer. Thanks for sharing, Gbemi!

  2. It's so much fun to see readers using digital tools in creative ways!


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