Inspired by the October Sky by Deborah Lytton

For our creative month, I thought I would write a few Haikus about October, inspired by the October sky.  I hope they will touch your imagination and give you creative ideas for your own writing today.

a carpet of jewels
beneath the October sky
beckons adventure
one lonely pumpkin
overlooked by everyone
except for the crows
October wind blow
stir my imagination
give life to my pen
If you like them, comment by sending one of your own.
Have an exciting October, filled with possibilities!
--Deborah Lytton


  1. Aww, I love that one lonely pumpkin. :)

  2. I felt for the lonely pumpkin. It reminded me of Mousekin's Golden Home.

  3. Such thoughtful poetry; and loved the challenge!

    Silhouetted leaves
    Against October sky ink
    Hope defying wind

  4. I loved the line, "give life to my pen"!


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