Monthly Theme: October Traditions

Stephanie J. Blake

Man, I love October! And Halloween.

I decorate the house.

We "Boo" the neighbors. (Boo-ing includes leaving a bag, box, or basket of treats and ringing the doorbell and running away! Find out how on this website:

Here's our treats for the neighbors.

I bake.

I dress up the dog.

One of my kids has a birthday towards the end of the month and we always have a Halloween-themed birthday.

We watch Halloween movies.

Some of my favorites are Hocus Pocus, The Haunted Mansion, Monster House, and Teen Witch. This year, we added Zombieland and Warm Bodies to the lineup.

I always dress up to hand out candy.

Want some candy?


  1. Talk about getting into the Halloween Spirit (boo!). That is awesome, Stephanie. I'm Trick-or-Treating at your house!

  2. Can I come to your house next year? How delicious your cookies look!!! Love the costume on the dog:)


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