Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Hot Corner: August's Theme from Jody Feldman

For more than a decade there was this:
And this corner specifically. It’s where I read, watched TV, took naps, but more importantly, it’s where I daydreamed and brainstormed and wrote and edited. It was my away-from-computer creative space. One day, though, my big, green, comfy couch and especially it’s sister-loveseat took a dive. Or actually, if you sat in them, the springs would groan, the frames would creak, and your body would take a dive into the cushions.

It became quickly apparent that my hot corner, my idea mecca, was on its way out. In April, it was replaced by the handsome grey sectional.
And I wasn’t all distressed about it until a week ago.

I woke that day, ready to settle in with my pens and paper and the intention of turning my wispy thoughts into workable ideas, but for the first time since I’ve been published, I was about to embark on a shiny, new idea without the comfort of the comfy green couch, without my hot corner. And a little piece of me, just a tiny one, is believing there was magic in them-thar, saggy cushions.

I almost ended this post with that last sentence, but I need to see the following words typed out and published:
There maybe have been magic in the hot corner but sitting there that much, chances are, I soaked in a lot of it. Either that, or I put the magic there in the first place. And now I write.


  1. ...I bet this corner will be even MORE magical...

    1. And I love that you used "them-thar" in your post, fellow MO gal.

  2. From your words to my braincells. Thanks!