Fan Mail (August "Hot" Topics) by Kristin Levine

When I was a child, a young reader myself, I often thought about writing a fan letter to one of the writers I admired.  I never did it though.  Not because it would have been too hard to find an address, (I knew I could write to the publisher and at least hope the letter would get through), but because I didn't want to bother Mr. or Mrs. Important Writer.  What did I have to say to them, except I loved your book, and that seemed so trite and boring.

How wrong I was.

Getting fan mail is one of the most wonderful perks of being a writer.  The emails or letters always seem to come when I'm having a bad day, when the writing isn't going well, or I'm struggling with something in my personal life—kids, family, finances.  It doesn't matter what the letter says, it's the "hey, you touched me enough to make me take the time to write to you," that makes it so amazing.

So today I just wanted to say thank you to all the readers who find a minute to say, "I liked your book," whether via email or handwritten on a sheet of notebook paper.  You make me feel "hot" and important and sometimes even cheer me up. 

I'd also like to try to remember to write a few of those fan letters myself when I read something I like.  It's only a few clicks to find a website and email, and who knows, I may just make another writer's day.


  1. Thanks for this, Kristin! I too have been more proactive about writing fan mail (and letting people's supervisors know when a clerk has been especially helpful, etc.) ever since I've been delighted by fan mail myself.

  2. Totally agree--the best thing you could ever do is send a note to your fave author. It'll make their day, I guarantee...


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