When the writing is hot....

There are days when my writing is “hot”.  And by that I mean when the words just flow onto the paper exactly the way I want them too, and where my ideas seem to dramatically improve on their journey from my head to the keyboard or the pen.  These are the days that make me believe in the muse, because it seems almost like something outside myself is making the writing much richer and more entertaining than it could ever be otherwise. 

Sadly, these days are the very rarest of days.  And they happen at the strangest of times.  The first chapter of Remarkable came pouring out one day when I was sleep-deprived and supposed to be working on something else.  Nearly every other word in the book was changed approximately 432,432,642,554 times, but the first chapter stayed pretty much exactly the same as the day it was written. 

Mostly my writing is cold to lukewarm.  The words only get where they need to be after a lot of revision, second-guessing, false starts, and working through boring bits to try to make them less so.  But those hot days, those are the best.


  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean about changing every word in the book. Ditto for THE JUNCTION!

  2. Every word that belongs will find its way onto the page, some just take longer to get there! Great post!


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