Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Latest Walk (August Theme) by Holly Schindler

I've been juggling revisions all summer long, which is like being in heaven for me.  I love revision.  Talking love here.  Love.  It's so easy for me to walk into my office and get lost in the process.  And I mean lost.  I'm talking, "Wait.  What day is it again?" kind of lost.

This month's theme has been a great reminder for me to get outside and knock the cobwebs off.  A few scenes from my latest get-outta-the-house jaunt, at the Finley River in nearby Ozark:

My dog, Jake, is always sooooo glad when we push ourselves away from the desk...
...and walk near the Finley...
...and check out the skies.  I swear, Missouri has the best skies.  

And the sunsets aren't bad, either.


  1. Walking clears my head, too, Holly. Beautiful photos! Jake is adorable (and I'll bet he's a good writing assistant, too).

  2. Lovely photos! Getting up and moving is such a good way to clear the brain.

  3. Aww... you and Jake and Missouri skies. I might have to write a poem!

  4. Thanks, guys! Jake is definitely a fantastic writing pal...