Monday, August 27, 2012

August Theme: Walking Away

     Whenever I get overwhelmed with a project and I need a break from it, I grab my wallet and I take a walk. The purpose for the walk is to go out and purchase a yummy hoagie for myself to eat. Nature and exercise are good reasons to go for walks but they aren’t as good as the Hoagie reason. Once I get back to my house with the lovely hoagie, I get to work eating it. It never takes long for the magical powers of the hoagie to spread all throughout my body. By the time I have eaten the entire hoagie, I am totally prepared to go face the difficult world of writing with my newly acquired powers. I emerge refreshed and ready to tackle anything.
The End.

“If more people ate hoagies there would probably be no more war.”
-A wise Hoagie sales person...


  1. All, hail, the magical hoagie! I will try this, Mike (perhaps, several times this week).

  2. It can never be a bad day when there is a Mike Townsend blog post to read. Thanks yet again for the chuckle. I was needin' that...