Thursday, August 30, 2012

August Theme: Leaving the Writer's Life Behind ~ by Christine Brodien-Jones

It seems that ever since my book THE OWL KEEPER came out, my life has gone into warp drive.  Okay, I'm no best-selling children's book author, but nonetheless the pace has picked up as I've gone from one deadline to the next.  Besides writing three books in four years, I've done all the things that authors do - marketing online/offline, conferences, festivals and other book promotion events - with scarcely any breathing space in-between. 
 So, at the end of September I'm flying to Madrid with my husband Peter to hike 500 miles across northern Spain, on an ancient pilgrim's path known as the Camino de Santiago.  Carrying a small backpack each, we'll set out from the medieval town of Roncevalles, in the Pyrenees, and head for the fabled Galician city of Santiago de Compostela.  We'll be away six weeks, and for most of that time we'll pretty much be off the grid. Forget getting any writing done.  Or reading!  The one book we're taking is John Brierley's guide to the Camino, a "practical & mystical manual for the modern day pilgrim." It weighs almost nothing.  In fact, we're packing only the bare essentials. 

And that, of course, is the point: travel light, travel slow. 


  1. So excited for your journey. I fell in love with Camino de Santiago when we watched the Martin Sheen movie. Thinking of you walking...

  2. Thanks, Irene! It's something we've been wanting to do for a very long time..