Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Letting Go: August Theme: Jen Cervantes

The very phrase letting go implies loss. Sure, it means something has ended, but it can also mean a new beginning. Last week, I took my daughter to college. It was heart wrenching to say the least, but I soon realized that by letting her go, she is able to create her own journey, to sail to new shores and fulfill her own dreams. So if letting go can be freeing, why is it so damn hard? I think we’re wired to resist change. As writers we live in worlds of change; our stories have to morph and change to stay alive.  In some ways so do we. Looking back, when I’ve let something go (and mind you the harder I hold on, the more I know I need to let it go) I’ve seen the most growth. I’ve released story ideas only to be greeted by new ones. I’ve let go of steadfast beliefs only to be greeted by a healthier mindset. I’ve even let go of two complete manuscripts to sign with a new agent! Some letting go’s are harder than others.

It is part of our nature to look ahead, to seek new shores. But in order to get there we have to leave another place behind. And we can only look over our shoulder for so long until that shore is a miniscule dot on the horizon.


  1. I love that phrase: "...the harder I hold on, the more I know I need to let it go.") I'm going to remember that when I next find myself at the crossroads.

  2. Lovely having lunch with you yesterday!