What I LOVE about writing! (by Tyler Whitesides)

People often ask me why I like writing. What is it about the process that keeps me going and self-motivated? The answer is completely different for every person, but I'd like to share what I love about writing.

Like most writers, I have a very active imagination. I love picturing a scene in great clarity and detail. But the challenge comes in trying to portray that scene through writing. If it exists only in my head, then I am the only person that can enjoy it. I love the task of taking something from my mind and putting it on paper so everyone who reads it can enjoy the thing I imagined.

That said, my favorite part of the writing process is the first draft. I love to see the story unfold as I write action-packed adventure scenes for the first time. I love to see characters develop as I write conversations for the first time. The initial draft of a manuscript is raw and unrefined creation to me. A bit of drudgery comes in the necessary months of revising and editing, but it's all worth it!

There is so much that I love about writing! I am so grateful to have a book published and excited to share the future volumes of the Janitors series.


  1. We're exact opposites, Tyler! The first draft is just agony, for me--I LOVE the revision!


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