February Theme: I Love the Duck Man and So Can You...

When I was a little boy I loved reading Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge comic books.


Because they were filled with exotic treasure hunting adventures galore!


And marvelous mysteries!


And naughty evil villains and monumental chases!


And plenty of mundane situations!

Mundane Situations?

Yes, but even the mundane situations would always quickly devolve into hilarious insanity.

These Disney Duck stories sound like they would be easy to love.

They are and I love them all, just not equally. I love some Disney Duck stories more than others...

What do these stories you love the most have in common?

They were all written and illustrated by the great Carl Barks!

This Carl Barks sounds like an amazing man!

He was. He was beloved by millions (including Steven Spielberg and George Lucas!

He sounds dead.

He is but his work lives on! In fact, Fantagraphic Books has just begun reprinting the complete Carl Barks library and I just got volume one in the mail!

Was this volume beautifully designed and thoughtfully compiled?

Yes it was!

Do you work for Fantagraphics?

Sadly, I do not.

The End

by Michael Townsend


  1. My brother used to collect Donald Duck comics. He could talk just like him. Wonder if he still does.

  2. Mike, I love your posts--they always make me laugh...


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