Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Writing Distractions That Don't Meow

The first writing distraction that comes to mind is black, furry with fangs: My cat, Boots.

In reality, Boots is one of my finest writing champions. He is one of the first to get into the office and stake out his place for a stretch of watching me while writing. Boots has been my loyal companion for nearly 14 years now, always watching between wild amusement and slight analytical stare as I type away. It’s only when I get obsessed that he gets annoyed and starts trying to step on my keyboard, needle his claws into my shoulders or knocking everything that isn’t stapled down to my desk, off the desk and to the floor.

The biggest writing distractions for me are life – a complicated health situation that impacts my vision and my hands, family that ties up my mind space, a social calendar that is sporadic and work than can be tiring.

It is often tempting to skip my allotted writing time for a nap or a hot bath or simply a break.
The way in which I overcome my worst distractions – busy cat, tired eyes, hectic life – are those that work best for my personality. Routine, routine, routine. I carve out a certain time frame each week, every week during which I write. I do not commit myself to a certain word count or even time stamp. I only know that when that hour strikes, what I’ll be doing and where I’ll be and most of all what I will accomplish: My very best.

It my time, for me. Because my writing IS me.

Everyone has a writing rule that works best for them, and no two writers will be ever be the same, nor should there. There is no judgement in art or in personal victories. Mine are small and meaningful. A splash of time meant for the one art in my life that I never tire of. The one mistress who never is turned away or shoved aside for anything else.

Fuzzy cat or naptime be darned, as long as I see words on that page every week, I know I’m getting to my next goal.

Happy reading!


  1. 4-legged writing companions are the best.

  2. Yes to routine! When I started taking cello lessons my teacher told me I would learn a lot faster is I made it a regular part of my day... and I have! And it's true! So glad you push through so we can read your wonderful words.