Teachers and students love author visits! by: Jennifer Mitchell

The internet can be an amazing tool in connecting with authors.  Back when I was growing up you had to write a letter to your favorite author, and even then you never really knew if it made it to the person.  Fast forward to the age of technology, just by making a social media post you can get the attention of an author and make a lasting connection. As a teacher, I like to spend the summer reading books and deciding which I will use for a read aloud the next school year.  That summer I brought home several Mark Twain Award nominees to read from the library.  I tweeted to Holly Schindler that I had just finished reading the Junction of Sunshine and Lucky; and that I felt such a connection because I have lived my entire life in Missouri, and I loved that the book was set in Missouri. I knew that my students would love that connection as well! 

That was back in 2016, and we are clearly still connected today!  That year she reached out and offered to Skype with my class so that after we read the book my students could ask her questions.  From that point on she has sent me books to use with my students, and invited me to be a guest here on her blog.  All of this was sparked by a tweet, I love how progressive times have become in connecting with people. For my aspiring writers it is such an amazing way to show them that it is possible to publish books!  Also, we like when authors support how important revisions are to the final product.  Kids don't often believe us. :)

By: Jennifer Mitchell teacher in the Kansas City Area


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