Dear Author Visits

Dear Author Visits,
Oh, how I’ve missed you! The way you generously allow me to interact with readers; even the ones (or especially the ones?) who don’t consider themselves to be readers. How I love connecting with them all. How I love the energy when something I've said visibly rumbles a new thought through their brains and sparks a light in their eyes, however permanent. Or fleeting. That has me floating for days!

And how their enthusiasm feeds my creativity! Their questions and reactions have me creating new ideas, right there where I stand. Even the restless bodies force me to think fast and pivot to new topics that soon have them forget (mostly) their antsy muscles, there on the hard floor.

Virtual visits, you’ve been good, too. But if we’re being honest here, you’re just not the same. You don’t come with the electricity that pings through the air, the kids that hang back to ask one last question, or -- wait for it -- the smells of cafeteria food or active bodies that I’ve, curiously, been missing.

Dear, Dear Author Visits,
I’m ready for you. Just let me know when you’re ready for me.

Jody Feldman

Jody Feldman, author of The Gollywhopper Games series, The Seventh Level, and the forthcoming YA thriller No Way Home is obviously ready to visit schools. For more info, here's her current special offer (2nd paragraph) and her School Visit brochure. She's excited to hear from you!


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